About us

Hi! We are Alex and Paola, Software Engineers, and passionate about Escape Rooms.

Since we knew the concept of Escape Room we have ventured to do, unless one, for every place that we visit: Dublin, Zaragoza, Madrid, New York, Dortmund, .... being more and more hooked and whising a new Escape Room to be open to try it out.

The Story behind the project Rate Your Escape Room is pretty simple. A normal day (cloudy), lying in the couch, yes, one of these days that you don?t want to do anything, Paola thought "What if (one of many) we do a web page where, users like us, can find all the information related with Escape Rooms, reviews, being able to look for them by city and country and rate them??? At that moment Alex saw that it was a brilliant idea and they started to work on it. The first thing to do was to chose the architecture of the project. It had to be something that we knew very well, and something new to learn while doing it. After some discussion and some "ok, you are right...", the decission was taken, and we started our project in our free time.

After some problems with the new language, fights against the Data Base, production releases, etc etc we can say that we have enjoy doing this project, we have learnt a lot and, of course, we are going to continue improving it so everybody can have access to the information of the Escape Room, and they can rate them, and read the reviews of other usrs.

We would like to say thank you to all of our frins that helped us with this projec, giving us their review, fixing our mistakes, giving us a helping hand translating some texts, ... Thanks a lot to everybody!!

For any enquiry that you might have, don?t hesitate to contact us via info@rateyourescaperoom.com.

Cheers, and do as much Escape Rooms as you can!!